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World Private Security, Inc. provides armed security and unarmed security services throughout California. We offer highly-trained professional services, competitive rates and personalized customer service. All of our services are centered around prevention with an emphasis on the capability to handle any security situation. Our hands-on reputation has made World Private Security, Inc. one of California best security companies.

We are not limited to the above stated types of services. We also provide security services to a wide variety of business industries.

Retail Security

  • Intensely Trained Guards
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Economical Security Services
  • Maintain Your Image

Personal Security

  • Specifically Trained Body Guards
  • Handle High Profile Clients & Events
  • Professional & Reliable

Events Security

  • Services Tailored to the event
  • Planning & Exceptional Quality
  • Specifically Trained Guards
  • Handle High Profile Events
  • Professional & Reliable

Corporate Security

  • Complete Flexibility
  • Competitive Rates
  • Short Term Risk Free Contracts
  • Maintain Your Corporate Image
  • Compliant with Legislation

Unarmed Officer:

Security guard patrol service provides a California licensed fully equipped unarmed security Officer with training and skills in personal protection, and communication procedures. Primarily used for security patrols for commercial property and residential protection i.e. hotels, warehouses, apartment security, private communities, private events, churches, and crowd control i.e. labor disputes, concert security, etc.

Armed Officer

A California licensed armed officer with the highest level of training and skills providing security guard patrol services. Armed Officers specialize in VIP Protection, jewelry stores, labor strikes, sporting events, hotel meetings, VIP Party security, warehouses, construction site security, banks and transporting money. Our armed security guards are very experienced with security issues and we train and equip each armed security guard patrol to meet the needs of each client.

Patrol Vehicle

An armed security guard with the highest level of training to ensure the best service possible for our clients with our company marked vehicle. Our armed security patrols are equipped with reliable radio communication, navigation. This type of security guard service is primarily used for commercial, residential protection, warehouses, construction sites, parking areas and transporting money night time security with unlimited alarm response in the event of an of emergencies, training and skills in personal protection, and communication procedures.

Executive Security Services

Our professional team includes industry experts ranging from Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies.

We provide highly trained executive security services that meet each client's unique needs, including bilingual, armed/unarmed, executive/VIP protection-trained, electronic security trained, etc. We are available to work throughout the State of California.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention officers work undercover in retail locations to identify suspicious behavior and apprehend those attempting theft. Loss prevention officers are in plain clothes.

No matter how big or small the retail store may be, all types of retailers are susceptible to the growing problem of shoplifting. World Private Security, Inc. will help retailers identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods, create a less attractive environment for shoplifters and teach retailers how to implement shoplifting policies and procedures to protect their store against theft.

One of the most effective tools to prevent shoplifting is good store management. Retailers should also use store layout, adequate inventory controls and follow common security practices to combat shoplifting.

Retailers are constantly struck by outside influences out of their control. Rising cost of living, less consumer spending and increases in operating expenses erode profits. But what the retailer can control is its methods of loss prevention. Preventing shoplifting, stopping employee theft and reducing shrinkage can help ensure the retail store is keeping the most revenue possible.

Alarm Response and Patrol Services

World Private Security Inc. provides a 24/7 Response Service. A World Private Security Inc. representative is notified by your alarm monitoring company when your alarm system is activated. WPS takes on the role of first responder to determine the cause, and whether emergency help is needed.


WPS Inc. security notifies YOUR ALARM MONITORING COMPANY if there is an emergency situation, or evidence of crime. The proper authorities or your responsibility party will be notified of the results of our investigation. Our written report will be at your location for review.

24 hour Dispatch Center

Our proprietary dispatchers provide a vital communication link to the officers in the field. We do not use an answering service, but our own employees who are directly familiar with your account and your security officer. Officers call into the dispatcher going on and off duty to assure time records and to document when the officer is on post. In addition, each officer must call into our office every hour. If a call is missed, a supervisor is dispatched to determine the problem. While our number one concern is the safety of our employees, this response assures that your security officer is present and performing their work assignments.

This team of your security officer, dispatcher and supervisor works to secure your property during the critical nighttime hours. They are at work so you can sleep with the confidence of a team of professionals working 24 hours, seven days a week. This investment is crucial to delivering the efficient and effective security service you deserve. When considering security services it is important to determine if they are able to deliver this extra level of protection for you and your company.

To serve your company’s security needs better World Private Security Inc. invests in 24 hour dispatching and supervision. Many security companies simply turn out the lights at the end of the day. Our lights are always on for you. Experience teaches us that your valuable assets are most vulnerable when you are closed, so we never close. Our professional teams of supervisors are out nightly visiting your security officer at your facility. They are in marked patrol vehicles that increase your security presence. Our goal is to visit each of our customer’s facilities nightly. The purpose of these inspections is to assure your officer is alert and tending their duties. While there, the supervisor works with your officer to learn his duties for future training and to be able to respond in an emergency. These visits also improve morale as the officers know the company cares for their safety and performance.

Off Duty Police Officers

World Private Security Inc. provides off duty law enforcement officers working in a private security capacity. Our off duty Law Enforcement Officers are trained law enforcement officers working off duty from their regular jobs as Peace Officers. We excel in corporate, private, and governmental security venues. Law Enforcement training and experience distinguish us from typical security providers.

Our Mission

To partner with our customers by providing highly trained law enforcement personnel, Utilizing state of the art methods in the most cost effective and confidential manner possible.


Off duty Officers offers a wide range of protective security services and of course, our services can always be designed to meet your specific needs. Below is a representative sample of services.


Non – Corporate


A World Private Security Inc. Supervisor is the leader of a security Officer of a Security unit. They oversee the effective management of the daily routine of a security firm. They guide and lead the Security Officer. He is responsible to ensure that the security guards comply with the Security Standing Orders pertaining to the premises during his shift duty.

Supervisors Duties and Responsibilities

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